Kelly Sunshine in The One Thing Youll Never Have

We all want things we can’t have. That list must be especially long for sad losers like you. Deep inside you know you’ll never meet your dream girl, you’ll never achieve your ideal career, you’ll never get that big house or that nice car. But yet, you keep hoping. You think that maybe if you work hard enough you’ll catch a lucky break and one day wake up with the life you always wished for. Well, that’s pathetic and unrealistic, but, go ahead… Let Me tell you though. There is at least ONE thing I can GUARANTEE you will never, ever have. ME! You’ll never get to touch Me, feel Me, taste Me, and you sure as hell will never get to fuck Me. How does it feel to know you will never ever get to experience the sweet heaven that exists between My creamy thighs? Does it make you wanna cry??? Good. Get down on your knees and come real close. Stare and jerk off as you worship the pristine Princess pussy you will NEVER get!!