Haley Blake in Step-step-mommy Shrinks Loser Pervert Step-step-son To Stay Under Her Toenail Forever

"I wanted to play a little bit with the idea of a step-step-mother becoming disappointed with her step-step-son, he’s just not measuring up to what her and his step-step-father expected from him. She scolds him for failing out of college, not finding a job, and ignoring his chores around the house laying around the house all day. He’s turned into nothing more than a parasite, leeching off his parents.

So she has decided to shrink him down to a more appropriate size.. a fraction of an inch tall. So small he’ll be able to feel exactly like the parasite he is. She is going to give him a safe place to live after all.. He’ll be small enough to live under her toenail! She laughs at the terror on his face. She’ll barely remember he’s there after a while.. She snaps her fingers and he is instantly tiny looking up at her. She laughs at him and admires her handy work for a moment then tells him to get comfy as she offers him her big toe to crawl underneath. She smiles as he crawls into place laughing at how tiny he looks before telling him to hold on she is going to put her house shoes back on.. She puts her house shoes one in a 3rd person perspective and goes to start dinner.

The rest of the vid is going to be snippets of different situations where the step-step-mother keeps forgetting about him there and then remembers in awkward situations like while she’s lotioning her feet and legs, maybe she sees him covered in lotion struggling to breathe under her toenail. He needs to quit complaining, her lotion smells great, he’s just being dramatic.

Or a scene when she’s watching TV in her robe with lots of upskirt and cleavage views, and all the sudden she remembers he’s still down there so she waves and smiles at him and then turns back to the TV with a weirded out face of disgust like it’s really strange.

I also wondered if there was a way we could do a bathtub scene where she’s relaxing with her candles lit playing music eyes closed and then when she puts her foot up on the side of the bath have the camera right behind her foot looking over her toes and she remembers he’s there. Maybe she tries to cover up herself as an old reaction that a step-step-mother would have realizing she’s naked in front of her step-step-son and then shrugging it off it’s not like he hasn’t been trying to peep at her for years. Besides he’ll never actually be "normal" again.. she teased him about his new life under step-step-mommy’s toenail for a moment before rolling her eyes and telling him to hold his breath she needs some peace and quiet, then she submerges her foot and him in the water (can you do a shot underwater looking up towards her body for a min or less before fading to black) above the surface she goes back to enjoying her relaxing bath.

I think the sexiest part about it is being able to see up her skirt / nightgown / robe when he’s not supposed to but.. he’s bug size though so she really doesn’t know what he’s looking at.. but she doesn’t always wear panties and just forgets he’s there sometimes and is surprised when she looks down and finds him again.. talks to him a little.. maybe covers up her pussy and tells him to look away.. Things like this I think are super sexy. Just repeated multiple times in different scenarios, watching tv in robe / nightgown, maybe painting toenails in towel after shower (don’t have to have wet hair or anything), while she’s on the phone with her friend getting ready to leave for the night.. waving him back under her toenail as she puts hose on before shoving her foot into her heels and leaving for the night.

One could be her changing into something sexy to surprise his step-step-father with.. looking up as she changes into lingerie.. she notices him gawking and tells him to be respectful and crawl under step-step-mommy’s toe like a good boy while her and his step-step-father have their "alone time" his step-step-father still can’t believe she lets him live there under her toe. The last thing she is going to let happen is letting him spoil their sex life.

Lastly, I thought it would be cool to have a scene where she rushed into the bathroom wearing flip flops and remembers see’s him staring up at her while she’s on the toilet! What a total perv! Not only is that terrible of him not to respect someone’s privacy like that but she’s his step-step-mother for God’s sake! The grumpily finishes her business and then jokes about how she should just wad him up in the toilet paper she’s using and flush him down with it!"

  • Post published:08/07/2022
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