Goddess Valeria, Jessica, Sandra & Gabriella in Harsh Humiliation of Lexi to Satisfy Our Sadistic Moods

Me and my girls, Jessica, Sandra and Gabriella, are hanging out and are in a sadistic mood to humiliate and cause pain to one of the slaves. To satisfy our sadistic pleasures, we decide to use Lexi as our play thing. Poor Lexi doesn’t know what she’s in for. We step on her flat, but sensitive tits and constantly smack her face with our beautiful, but strong feet. We constantly spit big wet ones on her face until it’s all wet and gag her with our feet while holding her nose to make her gasp for air. And we slap her hard. All of this at the same time. It’s all too much, uncomfortable and painful for poor Lexi to endure at the same time that she constantly keeps begging for us to stop while we humiliate her. Stupid naive slut. Of course we’re not going to stop when you say so. Slaves don’t make the decisions. We Goddesses do. Her begging and pain only makes want to keep doing it. By the time we’re done with this bitch, we leave her on the floor and she starts crying. Poor Lexi. Haha, not really. We love to hear her cry.