Goddess Serena in Whipped With Stinging Nettles & Leather Belt Gynarchy Goddess

This is the first set of punishments I have ever had to inflict upon my collared and contracted slave. He broke the rules by touching himself without permission and by making an inappropriate comment under the guise of a ‘joke’ (obviously forgetting that men aren’t funny). To stop this kind of behaviour from propagating, I make his first ever TRUE punishment from me one to remember so that he knows my rules are not to be flirted with. He is strapped to the bench and verbally scolded as I thrash his backside with freshly picked stinging nettles until his big ass is unrecognisable with redness and bumps. Once the first half of the punishment is done, I move on to wielding a deliciously stingy thin leather belt which I strike against his upper thighs. There will be no sitting comfortably for this