Goddess Serena in Disciplining The Private Oubliette Films

This private has provoked the wrath of his superior officer by once again failing to undertake a simple routine task – making his bed properly. He has already been punished with extra miles added onto his morning circuit, but Officer Serena has something else planned with him to ensure that this behaviour doesn’t repeat itself again. After all, if he cannot be trusted to make his bed in the morning, how can he be trusted to obey orders on the battlefield? The private is bolted into the floor by his ankles and wrists, his cock and balls tied with a rope that has been fed through a pulley overhead. On the other end of the rope is a heavy metal bucket. When Officer Serena enters, She informs him that he is to be reprimanded in a way that may finally get through to him. He can scream if he wants to, in fact, She hopes he does – it would be hilarious for the other privates to see him in such a predicament, and it would also be a good warning to them as to what happens when they step out of line. If this private wants this little rendezvous to remain a secret, he better heed his lesson and suffer just as Officer Serena intends him to.

Whilst being thoroughly talked down, Officer Serena slowly and excruciatingly empties cup after cup full of water into the bucket, increasing the tension and the weight on his cock and balls. It is of utmost importance that this private never places a foot out of line again. Indescribable pain and humiliation is the medicine of choice. He must endure lest he be left to be found by his peers. The private cries out and struggles as the bucket is slowly filled to max capacity. Only when Officer Serena deems that the private is truly sorry, will he be set free.