Goddess Madam Violet in Spreading Christmas JOI

Merry Christmas bitch! It’s that time of year again, where we find out if you’ve been a good boy, or a very very bad boy. Will I pleasure you or punish you? I mean, why not both? To find out if you’ve been naughty or nice I have to EMPTY your mind and FILL your dick, so sit still, focus on Me and let everything else go. Deep in trance, mind light, dick heavy, there’s My good boy. Commanded to stroke, and every time you hear Christmas bells you stroke HARD and FAST, it’s not long before you’re mindless and spread wide. Then it will be clear to see of COURSE you’ve been a naughty boy! You can never hope to reach My expectations so the game is rigged.but that’s the way I like it. But you ACHE to be My good boy, to please Me. In the spirit of giving I give you three punishment choices, If you’re clever you will realise one is actually a PRIVILEGE and you will end the year on your knees as My GOOD Christmas bitch. Contains: mesmerise, sensual domination, mental domination, mind fuck, goddess worship, joi, masturbation encouragement, ass worship, tit worship, cum countdown, choose your own ending.