Goddess Madam Violet in Molecules Of Addiction Dependency Training

Classic mesmerise for your collection.a deep and thorough induction utilising several techniques, pulling you down gently and incessantly into mental surrender. My voice stroking your mind into perfect submission, your cock soon to follow.

I have been creating a chemical dependency in you. Every time I speak to you your body, brain and mind respond powerfully, hormonally. When you are exposed to My voice, face, body they trigger a cascade of chemicals in your brain, molecules of emotion that travel down into your body and attach themselves to every cell.

And it feels really fucking good.

So you want more, and soon you NEED more.

Your body craves that hit of the Madam Violet molecule, it cries out for the rush of endorphins, oxytocin, dopamine, even adrenaline, your mind is addicted, your body is dependant. And you are truly owned.

This file will lovingly tend to that addiction, encouraging desperate dependency, training your brain to make more and more Madam Violet chemicals that ravage your body, conquer your mind and destroy your dick,

Contains: deep mesmerise, mental domination, mind fuck, goddess worship, masturbation encouragement, sensual domination, female domination, tit worship, binaural tones, echoes, layered visuals, addiction training, joi, cum countdown, men following orders