Goddess Madam Violet in Melt

Watch Me lick, suck, nibble, swallow as I stare straight into your eyes. Watch Me and let your imagination run wild. Stroke if you want to, perhaps you will need to, just watch and find that you’ve become mesmerised. Naturally, with few words, you become absolutely absorbed in what I’m doing. You will slip into another mental state, your mind melting as the ice cream does. A whisper track slicing straight through to your subconscious, straight past any resistance, watching My pleasure and feeling yours grow, watching My mouth, My eyes, back to My mouth, then you notice My nipples, cock twitching, mind racing.not as fast as it’s melting. By the time I finish My creamy, tangy treat, by the time My stick is completely empty you will empty yours. And there’s some *mind stuff* but you do not need to think about that….