Goddess Madam Violet in Be A Better Trance Bitch For Goddess

You want to go DEEPER don’t you? Endlessly craving MORE of that sweet surrender and mindless bliss, you want to drop HARDER, to be a better trance boy for Goddess.if you learn to be a better trance bitch then you will not only give yourself a DEEPER pleasure but you will please Me.

Luckily for you, once entranced I want you to stroke. As your body and what’s left of your conscious mind focuses on the physical pleasure I take your subconscious mind on journey down into The Control Room. There’s always levers, switches and dials needing to be adjusted.

It’s ok if your mind wanders, it is HARD to PAY full attention on My words when I want you to focus on stroking, and that makes My words more powerful.

Adjusting your programming to dissolve resistance increase suggestibility, creativity, mindless obedience.SUPER-CHARGING trigger words, branding them in your brain.


There’s nothing more important to than being a better trance bitch, is there bitch?

Contains: mesmerise, mental domination, mind fuck, psychological programming, subconscious programming, sensual domination, tit worship, ass worship, finger snaps, countdown, distraction, goddess worship, slave training, JOI, masturbation encouragement, cum countdown