Goddess Lindsey in High Success Rate CEI

Of course I don’t judge you for having trouble swallowing! I can see that you’re really doing your best and it’s clear you just need some extra guidance and that’s what I’m here for.
Let’s just take things slow together. Don’t think about anything other than stroking. Taking in all the details of my gorgeous lingerie as you stroke stroke stroke. See? Doesn’t this feel so good? Clearly you’re getting excited and I can tell you’re very close to climax. Don’t, not just yet. I want every moment of this to build up, I want you to feel the rush just as I intend it. Once I’m ready, you’re ready. 3…2…1…cum.
Squirting right into your hand you’ll instantly raise your hand to your lips, stick out your tongue and start lapping your load. Upon first taste, you’ll surely realize this isn’t nearly as terrifying as you once thought. Soon enough you’ll find comfort in that warm embrace.
Closing your eyes you’ll begin to lick your hadn’t faster and faster. before you know it every last drop is gone. The only sensation left is the sticky coating you feel in your throat as you gulp. Are you eager for more?