Goddess Jessica – Idolization of DGJ

It took a significant amount of intentional conditioning to get you to the point in your servitude that you’re at today.
You’ve held eye contact with me for so many hours of your life.
You’ve beamed at my body in adoration for countless hours. Each part of me has the power to make you lose focus of your own thoughts, to make your heart skip a beat.
You treasure these intimate moments we have together. You love feeling close to me. My words strike you dumb and whip you up into a horny hysteria. I speak the truth and you lap it up. My eyes, smile, feet, toes rule your life.
You should fund a shrine for my torso and the breasts that sit upon it.
My muscular legs, and plump, round ass are enough to impair you. You want to break for me. You’ll watch this just to please me. You’ll watch this to devote yourself to me all over again. You’ll watch this as if it was the first time I ever spoke to you.
*Immerse yourself in the perfect atmosphere I’ve created for you- WEAR HEADPHONES*