Goddess Jessica – Hotter Than My Step-Sister 22.11.2018 IWantClips.com

Your wife’s Step-Sister has always been a feisty, playful girl. It drives you crazy to see the hot little blonde in front of you on your couch. You’ve always wanted her. You both wait patiently for your wife to finish getting ready so you can all go out to the club together. She makes small talk and then teases you about doing whatever she asked the previous night. You can’t take your eyes off her legs and when you catch a peek of her bright red panties your brain melts. Suddenly she knows she has you. She starts telling you that you have to obey her, that you worship her, she’s so much prettier than your wife. She’s the prettier S1ster. You must obey her, you will only think of HER, not your wife. Whenever you cum she’ll be on your mind. All of these commands sink into your brain as you mindlessly jerk your dick. OOPS! Here comes your wife, put that thing away but just remember that tonight you’re HERS!