Goddess JessiBelle in Life Changer

You are going to as I say. You are going to do everything that I fucking say. Get naked and kneel before me. Take those clothes off and get down on your knees before me. Go ahead and touch your little dick. The thought of you there in front of me jerking off your little cock makes me so sick!
I HATE YOU and the hate I feel for you is justified. You should be miserable all of the time. Little losers like you just spend all day jerking off, feeling sad for yourself. Why does everyone hate you? YOU KNOW WHY. You deserve it!
Your life sucks and its what you get! I am going to give you a life changing rule, one you will FOREVER follow. When I give you an order you had better follow it. You say YES GODDESS and do as I say.
When I tell you this life changing rule you will agree to it no matter what! You deserve everything you feel and everything you get.