Goddess Evelyn in Sissy Training Session ManyVids

For this video you will need: 1 Butt plug, 1 vibrator, 2 dildos (avg & big), panties, a skirt, a chastity cage, and 3 loads of cum (2 thawed & 1 frozen).
I start off by telling you to put your chastity cage on and get on your knees. I tell you to put the frozen load in your ass, followed by the butt plug. As we wait for the load to thaw, you begin fucking your face with the average sized dildo. After a few minutes you put the thawed load in your mouth and continue fucking your face. Sissys don’t need lube. They use spit and cum. Once the dildo is spitty and cummy I have you remove the butt plug and put the dildo in your ass. Sissys should never have a free hole, so immediately after fulling your big ass your mouth needs to be filled with the big dildo. I have you repeat the process with the final thawed load.
Now you move the big dildo into your big ass and move the avg dildo back into your mouth. Remember- you are NEVER allowed a free hole. A sissy like you should be in service 24/7. As you train your holes, I make you repeat sissy mantras for Me.
After a while I tell you that you’ve been a good slut, and I will allow you an orgasm. I take off My bra and ask you to vibrate your chastity cage. After a few minutes I give you a cum countdown and allow you to cum on the floor. I then demand that you get on your hands and knees and slurp up your fresh load. A sissy should always be ecstatic to eat a fresh load.