Goddess Evelyn in Sissy Cam Audition ManyVids Part 1

We work together, and you confided in Me that you’re really struggling financially. I tell you that I own a talent agency, and that I can help you out with an audition. You immediately agree and thank Me, telling Me that you’re SUPER desperate, and you would do anything at this point. Well the day of you audition comes, and it’s not what you expected. I run an adult entertainment talent agency, and the interview is for a webcam entertainer. I tell you that i’s very important that you have a big dick, otherwise the part isn’t for you. You show Me your dick, and it’s obviously NOT cut out for this job.

My demeanor changes, and I tell you that the only way I can use you is if you are a sissy cum slut whore. You don’t really want to do this, but you’re really desperate, you agree. I tell you that I need to make sure that you can follow through and eat your own cum. I tease you with My sexy body, and begin humiliating you for what you are. I make you take a big load in the loser position, and make you play with the cum. I tell you that this is what your customers want to see. You have more training to get through before I can put you in the spotlight. We will train again next week.

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