Goddess Dominique DominicToiman in Cassandra’s Dirty Torment Kingdom of feet & slaves

Another day of torment for Cassandra at the hands and feet of Goddess Dominique, its always hard to please Dominique, she demands alot from her slaves, first to serve her the slave must brush her teeth as Dominique brushes her teeth with ordinary paste, but Dominique thought this was too good for her bitch Cassandra, so she mixed things up, she smeared the paste with dirt and dust from the floor and shoved it in Cassandra’s mouth with water until it turned to mud in her mouth,but that was not enough to satisfy Dominique, she needed to humiliate her bitch even more, she scoopsore dirt and shove it deeper in her bitch’s mouth.. Even that wasn’t enough for Dominique she wanted to take into another level, grabbing a tiolet brush and shoved it deep inside Cassandra’s mouth who took it and gagged it very deep in her mouth. As a reward for the bitch, Dominique let her pathetic slave girl lick her feet and suck her toes but only after dipping them in more dirt and tormenting Cassandra even more!