Goddess Christina in BRAIN MALFUNCTION

It must suck to be a male. To feel so weak and powerless to superior women. To feel yourself spiral into that rabbit hole of lust with simply one look at a perfect round big ass or pretty pink pussy. You feel pathetic because that’s exactly what you are. You can’t control yourself. You’re being controlled. BRAIN MALFUNCTION!!! Or maybe it’s doing exactly what it’s supposed to. Men should be on their knees. Bowing before Me. Worshiping like good little slaves. Perfection demands worship. You live for the tease. The denial. The control. You yearn for MORE! You’re so horny. You can’t ignore it. You’ll gladly succumb to the pressure. Your mind is MINE. You’re my plaything. Your cock is MINE. My property to do with as I please. Submit. This big ass owns you!