Goddess Amadahy in Foot Bitch Room Service

Goddess Amadahy has been walking around the convention all day in her sexy black heels and her feet have gotten very sweaty and dirty. She calls room service to come to her room to give her tired sweaty soles a full service. Her slave arrives and she orders him on the floor to crawl to her as she grabs hold of his leash and yanks him towards her soles. She takes off her heels and shoves her stinky sweaty dirty feet in his face to give him a preview of what he will be cleaning very shortly! She commands him to start licking her soles as he starts lapping up on her feet making sure to grab each bit of dirt and grime from them. She is in a playful mood as she wraps her foot around his head to pull him in for some deep throat gagging as well. She sits on her soles and continues to make her foot bitch clean them completely! Amadahy is in her prime time mode as she delivers an extremely hot foot worship clip in this one!