Goddess Alexandra Snow in Vengeful Ex-Girlfriend

So.. You thought you’d call me over, your ex-girlfriend, because you were lonely and you thought I’d fuck you even after all the crap you’ve pulled. But I did, didn’t I? I even poured you a drink and slipped out of my clothes, wearing that red lingerie that you like so much. You were so preoccupied looking at me that you never noticed how that drink tasted funny. Now, you feel woozy and immobile. Don’t worry, it’s normal. You see, I’m going to end you. You are such a misogynitistic prick who told all your friends that you were only with me because of my perfect tits. Since you’re so obsessed with them, I’m going to make these tits the last thing you see. In fact, I’m going to make sure that they are what actually does you in.. by extinqguishing the life out of you. Since you can’t move a muscle, it’ll be so easy just to press them into your face and cut off your air. It’ll look like natural causes! When you do finally expire, I’ll collect that life insurance policy.