GGHumiliated25 in Sablique Von Lux GrapplingGirls

Tony’s ultimate destruction as Sablique puts on a clinic on how to dominate using feet and ass. Tony agrees to wrestle Sablique only if she agrees not to headscissor him, claiming her legs are too long and give her an unfair advantage. Sablique tells him she will use her ass and feet to take him down and punish him and an array of dominating holds by Sablique’s feet and ass ensue. Tony is helpless underneath Sablique’s weight as she commands him to worship her ass and feet while putting him in positions that he has no chance of escaping. He is crushed beneath her ass and he knows the only way to survive is to worship the best way he knows how. Absolute domination by an amazon!! Holds include Facesitting, Foot Smother, Breast Smother, Chest sitting, Bodyscissors,

  • Post published:18/10/2022
  • Post category:Femdom