FOX in You didn’t wash the floor! Do you regret it Dusty foot worship Licking girls feet

Fox was walking barefoot on the floor and noticed that a lot of dust had adhered to her soles .. Won’t work!! What are slaves for? She immediately calls her slave girl gloria .. "You haven’t washed the floor! Do you at least regret it? Do you understand what you have to do now?" – Fox asks the slave girl, lifting a dirty foot to her face. "I am very sorry, Mistress .. this won’t happen again, I promise! I’ll clean your feet. Forgive me, Mistress" – The slave girl dutifully apologizes and begins to lick Fox’s dusty feet. Dust remains on the tongue of the slave girl, but Fox’s soles gradually become cleaner. gloria learned her lesson and next time she will be more attentive to cleanliness in the apartment.