FOX in Clean my sweaty feet after a workout, bitch! Licking girls feet

Fox had a hard workout today. She has been in the gym for more than three hours. She was tired and when she returned home, she sat on the sofa and put her feet on the ottoman. Her slave sofia sat nearby and waited for her return. "Oh.. bitch.. I’m really tired! I had a hard workout. Do you believe me? I want you to see for yourself.. take off my sneakers!" Fox ordered. sofia took off Fox’s sneakers and a strong stench from her socks hit the slave’s nose. sofia immediately believed the words of her Mistress. She nuzzled Fox’s sweaty socks and began to inhale their scent until Fox ordered them to be removed. Fox pushed her socks into the slave’s mouth and wiped her sweaty feet on her face. "I want to relax.. While I’m relaxing, I’ll give you time to clean my feet!" Fox said and sofia began to worship her bare feet. Judging by the expression on the slave’s face, Fox’s feet were smelly, but Fox was only amused.