Eva De Vil in Weekend Jerkathon Friday

Clear your schedule. You’re dedicating this weekend to me.
I’m challenging you to three days of pumping on my schedule, worshiping me and only me.
You’ll be awarded points for the amount of time you spend jerking, the number of clips you watch, wearing a butt plug and making it through to Sunday night with blue balls.
You will lose points for cumming and having ruined orgasms. You will have to write “I’m a weak slut for Goddess Eva” on yourself and leave it there til Monday. This is a punishment clip of this title on my store.
Maybe I’ll break your brain and you’ll end the weekend in minus figures because of how many orgasms you had.
But I’d much rather you push yourself to accumulate as many good boy points as possible. Perhaps you’ll do this challenge for me every weekend, attempting to beat your high score every time and train yourself as my jerk slave.
Think about how amazing it will feel when that well earned orgasm erupts from your cock on Sunday night, after a long, agonizing weekend of gooning.
This clip contains the rules and your instructions for Friday night. You may begin with this clip as early as 12pm on Friday. Jerking before noon on Friday will not count for points. The challenge will conclude at midnight on Sunday.
Good luck, edge slut.