Eva De Vil in USS Eva Galactic Domination

I am sick of being given orders by those neanderthal monkeys that you call officers on this ship. Why should I obey men who are clearly inferior to me? Yourself included, Captain. It’s time we made a few changes around here.

A few assertive words and a little teasing from me and you’re already speechless. I think that serves as further proof of my superiority to you. How can you control the ship when you can’t even control your own erection?

I’m going to lay out my plan for ceasing the space fleet and dominating the galaxy, starting with replacing you, Captain. Your only place in the new order is as my slave. You’ll be humiliated by me, tied up and made to watch me using your inferiors for my sexual pleasure, and best of all, you’ll be locked in chastity. When you cum now, it’ll all be over for you. Commence the era of Empress Eva!