Eva de Vil in She Doesnt Compare to My Feet

You can’t fight the urge to come back and stare at my feet. Even when you’re at work, or a nice dinner, the mental image of my perfect soles sets you itching and, before long, you’ll slip away to secretly watch my videos.
I know you have a girlfriend but I don’t care. The way she makes you feel is nothing in comparison to the elation that you feel looking at my feet. I get you to stroke your cock and hump the air hands free. I bring you so close to cumming without you even touching yourself.
She would call this cheating. I bet she’d be so upset if she saw what you were doing for me now, but all I want is for you to be my foot slave and forget about her.
To prove that my feet are better than fucking your girlfriend, I make you cum hands free for my wiggling toes and round ass. You throb uncontrollably and unleash your load on my command.