Eva de Vil in Locktober 2022

You should be well used to following my orders by this point. You’ve been training. You’re disciplined now. right? This is gonna be a breeze for you.

31 days locked up, no jerking. Piece of cake!

The sleepless nights, lying awake in blue-balled agony, that’s just normal for you because of how broken you are as my jerk slave.

Oh, you really think it won’t be easy?

Sure, the feeling of an orgasm will become a distant memory as chastity takes over your life.

Sure, every time you think about me with your key, you’ll throb in frustration.

Sure, you’ll be unable to focus on anything over than the aching in your cage as the desperation sets in

Okay, maybe it won’t be easy. Maybe it’ll be terrible. But that’s not gonna stop you. My good boy is up for the challenge to please Goddess and push himself for me once again.