Emma Choice – GFE ASMR Love+Lust ManyVids.com

This is a very natural video, just me and you having a chill night together. This video is ASMR from start to finish! It starts off with some nice dinner and chatting. I want to read you some love stories from reddit, so I give you a little history on why I enjoy reading to the people I love! I mine some great reddit posts and read them to you, getting teary with each one. I expand on some thoughts and just enjoy the moments sharing with you. Eventually we decide I should strip each time a story makes me cry, and I even slip out of my sweats for you ;3 I give you a long, detailed description of what I want you to do to me and masturbate with my vibrator. This is a lovely video with some YouTube style elements, as well as sexy stuff. I hope you enjoy 🙂 INCLUDES: asmr, gfe, reading, stories, chatting, eating, masturbation, stripping, brunettes, blue eyes, dirty talk, confident women, and more.