Emily Valentina – Pulling Your Strings

You CRAVE my control- so much that you even question whether “addicted” is even a strong enough word to describe your need for me. Your desire for me goes deeper than some surface-level pantomime of power exchange that any Domme can fulfill- me? I’m DEEP in your head, in your heart, in your mind, in your soul. Always there, ready to pull your strings, my marionette. And you are inexorably bonded to me- always knowing that my soft, tiny hands are always hovering over the most intimate control centers of your mind, ready to press your buttons right when you least suspect it. Sometimes I might let this control hibernate, and allow you stray for a bit, but that’s just for the entertainment of reeling you back in. The truth is that I haunt you like a ghost… or, more accurately, a succubus.

And it turns you on, doesn’t it? The more you try to deny that all of this is true, the more it proves itself to be FACT. It gets you hard knowing that you’re a toy to me, a puppet to be played with. It makes your dick hard to realize that this goes beyond some kind of silly mistress-slave roleplay, to know that I’m DEEP in your head and have REAL control over you that no one else could ever match. It makes you fucking THROB down below, knowing that even if you tried to escape, you never could. That you’d break eventually, and you’d end up right back here. Knowing that you’re addicted to me beyond addiction, and that you’ll come crawling back to me, every time. You’re mine, forever.

Contains direct to camera speech plus voiceover and layered audio, binaurals, and full nudity/pink! HOT stop-and-go edging JOI in this, too!