Emily Valentina – Big Boobs Bisexual Mermerize

A special dignity-destroying brain-fucking experience, just for you! Maybe your sex drive’s been a little weak… Maybe you just want more orgasms, or even just enjoy that happy sensation that comes with winning others’ approval. Well, I’m going to enhance all of that for you! Just look at my beautiful body… Gaze into my spiral… Listen to the melody of my soothing voice… And it can all be yours. with one catch: You can’t stop thinking about how badly you want to be used by men! Includes bonus subtle binaural tones to send you straight to euphoria, too!

There isn’t much in the way of JOI in this one but there is a command to cum at the end. You are basically supposed to cum while hypnotized and experiencing the situation that is forced onto your consciousness. At points you are commanded to repeat things that you are told.