Emily Jones in Mindfucked To Eat Your Load

In general, I don’t grant permission to cum so easily. I like my slaves to suffer and what better way then from permanent blue-balls?
A slave should be constantly horny, always craving for a release. But I must admit, I also love humiliation… and cum-eating is one of my favorites!
I love the thought of you sitting there with your fresh spunk right in front of you, empty balls, not at all horny anymore – and you still have to obey my orders, even if you don’t want to. An expression of pure disgust on your face – and a brought smile on mine!
I know you are a little cum-slut, slaveboy! I know you even crave the thought of humiliating yourself on my command – so I made this very special clip for you!
Not only will you consume all your filth from now on… no no no. That would be too easy and over way to quickly for my taste! Instead, you will play with your cum, savor it and obey all the nasty little orders that I have prepared for you!
Time to eat up, cum-slut!