Elodie – Elodies Stinky Feet Dreamgirls In Socks

Elodie has been working all day in her old sneakers and she has been wearing the same pair of white socks for about a week now for our sweaty socks challenge, so it seems like now it is your turn to deal with that strong smell of her feet in your face! She knows how much you love that strong smell of her feet, so she wants to make sure you have a chance to deal with that strong smell of her feet in your face too! She just takes pleasure teasing you with her sneakers on, before taking them off to completely cover your face with her sweaty white socks! She makes you take deep breaths in her socks, and makes you lick the dirty bottoms of her socks too! Elodie also needed to give her feet some fresh air after working all day, so she slowly takes her socks off, to cover your face again with her smelly naked feet! She makes you breathe deeply into her feet, and makes you worship the bottom of her feet! Elodie also loves to have her toes sucked, so you know what to do! Just follow her instructions and you should have a great time!