Ellie Idol in Roommate Foot Friend With Benefits Humiliation POV

You know I was on your computer and I saw some things. So I have a question. I already know that you’re really into feet. You seem to spend a lot of money on them from what I can tell. Quite the little addiction you’ve got there, wouldn’t you say? I would say so. So you have this little addiction but I wanted to know why you’ve never talked about it with me? Why have you never come to me? I mean obviously we could come to some sort of arrangement.

You can just knock on my door any time you want a fix, I’m sure it will be much better than through a screen, don’t ya think? You have have my hot young feet whenever you so desire. They are always here in our place. And I’m sure we can come up with some kind of compensation for me for allowing you the pleasure of worshiping my feet. My feet are a bit sweaty from being in my heels all day. Let me take them off and put my feet right up in front of your face? So is this what you like? My feet in your face?

You have so much foot porn on your computer so I know you love this and you can get this any time you want. Aren’t they cute? Sexy? Perfect, right? Just stare at them. Get addicted to my feet. Soon you’re going to be paying my half of the rent as compensation. I mean it’s still probably less than you already spend on porn, and it’s real, my feet right here for you to worship. And I know you think I’m hot, don’t think I haven’t noticed.

I’ll let you worship them, touch them, lick them and taste them any time you want. So what do you say, do you like this arrangement? Do you wanna see more of my feet? I thought so. I mean with me right here in our apartment, you won’t have to watch porn any more. And I won’t judge you for it, I’ll just take my half of the rent from you. I really do like the idea of living here rent free. But it’s not like it’s not totally mutually beneficial because it totally is. And maybe if you’re lucky I might even give you a foot job. But that might involve a little extra coming out of your wallet. Like maybe you cover my half of the bills too.

And I do love shoes, so I think you should buy me some, I mean you would benefit too. I mean I’ll need you to take them off of me to see my fresh pedicured toes, which you’ll be paying for too from now on. You’re going to be my little addicted foot slave boy, aren’t you? Will you be my foot pet? My foot accommodated roommate? I knew you’d say yes lol. So why don’t you go ahead and jerk off through your pants. I don’t want you making a mess in our shared space.

I can be your foot girlfriend, your foot friend with benefits. We’ll be more than just roomies. I want you to worship one of my feet as I rub your crotch with my other foot. Oh yes, I can you’re loving this. You might get addicted to it lol. Are you going to cum for me, my little foot addict? Cum for your roomie, do it. Cum in your pants. Lol! I think I’m going to be really happy being your roommate and I think you’re going to love being mine. All of your foot fantasies come true, right here in our place, no internet required.