Dominique (Dominic), Kira, Molly & Astra in Astra Thrown in a Hole & Punished Kingdom of feet & slaves

Molly has had it with stepsister slave girl Astra, she hasn’t been a good slave girl and Molly has taken her to the abandoned house thrown her in the hole and called Kira and Dominique to punish the bitch. The girls started by spitting in her mouth and then bent her over in the hole and started flogging her together as Astra screams in pain with nowhere to go, she takes the floggers from every angle on her big ass from all the girls. Then the girls take turns slapping her face her as she turns so they can each slap her until her face turns red. Then Molly had a very cruel idea, she knows Astra hates milk and can’t stand it all, she puts a funnel in her mouth, and starts pouring the milk in the funnel in her mouth, Astra can’t take it and keeps spitting it and gagging as she becomes a mess covered in milk, the girls then stuff their hands in her mouth making her gag and puke all over herself in the hole as the girls humiliate her and make fun of her.. Astra should learn not to disobey her stepsister Molly anymore or there will be harsh consequences coming her way