Dominique (Dominic), Kira & Madison in Astra’s Tough Punishment Kingdom of feet & slaves

Astra has been getting on the nerves of Dominique and Kira, and the girls will not accept disobedience for their bitch. As we last time she was subjected to Punishment by the cruel girls and their new friend Madison, today they continue to torment their bitch with one of the toughest beatings we have seen! Tied to the walls in an abandoned house with her face covered by a mask, Astra sits there waiting for her owners to discipline her, as they use paddles, whips, hand and whatever they want to put Astra in her place. You could hear the whips of the belts and Astra’s screams just to imagine the pain she went through. The girls even pulled up her clothes and punished her bare body as she was begging for mercy. Then the cruel girls remove her mask, put a ballgag on her mouth, slap her hard across the face and cover her face in spit and to finish it off.. the girls pour dirt om the bitch and leave her there helpless