Dominique (Dominic) & Kira in Pleasing Kira & Dominique Kingdom of feet & slaves

Dressed in all latex, the beautiful goddesses Dominic and Kira continue to mock their bitch Cassandra. Today Dominique wanted to show Kira for the first time how she keeps her slut so obedient, it all starts with slaps and lashes to keep the bitch in place, Cassandra is all tied up with her hands behind her back, naked and on her knees, ready to accept what the Goddess Dominique and her new friend Kira give her, be it punishment or pleasure. Dominic with a whip and Kira with a belt, they slap the bitch hard, since she can do nothing but take it all like a good girl. The girls did not miss the chance to spit on her, then it was time to plug the bitch’s mouth with her feet, Dominique first shoved her feet deep into the whore’s mouth, letting her suck and choke, when Kira helped and took turns gagging her mouth and letting her suck deeply, and closed her nose so that she choked hard with their feet. After that, Kira wanted to see how much the bitch loves her ass, so Dominic sat on her back and stuck her face deep into Kira’s ass, letting her sniff and lick, in the end, this excited Kira, when Dominic leaves the two, Kira lights a cigarette and blows smoke on Cassandra, letting her shut up, and then lets her please her by licking her pussy.