Dominique (Dominic) & Kira in Enjoy the surprise in the closet! Kingdom of feet & slaves

Knowing how much Kira loves surprises, Dominique decided to please her and prepared a surprise for her hidden in the closet, Kira was very pleased with this, she was wondering what Dominique had prepared for her . Opening the closet, she saw Ariel tied up with a rope, ready to worship her, of course Kira was glad of such a surprise, their past meetings with Ariel were very tough, Kira liked to arrange spanking and punishment for this bitch, she told Ariel to bark like a pet and worship them with Dominique, the girls spanked the bitch without sparing their strength and they sucked a lot of bitter and vile tobacco into her, ordering her to spit it on the floor and then lick it again with her saliva, when Ariel usha began to feel sick from tobacco, the girls put their feet in her mouth, ordering them to swallow them and lick all the garbage from the floor from them, Ariel accepted all their orders and obediently allowed her to do with herself whatever her mistress wished!