Dominique (Dominic), Kira, Cassandra in Evil Duo continue to humiliate their Bitch Kingdom of feet & slaves

Pleasing Dominic was already a very difficult task for her slave Cassandra, but now that she had a friend Kira, the girls tormented and complicated Cassandra’s life. Today is no different as she continues to serve two beautiful goddesses dressed in their sexy latex costumes, the ladies arrive after running some errands and their bitch was kneeling at the door ready to serve them. First, she was ordered to properly clean the dirt from their street shoes with her tongue. The cruel girls spat on her and let her lick all the dirt off the soles of their shoes. After that, they shoved their shoes into her mouth, letting her shut up tight. Then Kira ordered the bitch to wash her feet while she lay down and rested, while slaves like Cassandra worked hard to please her. After the shoes were clean, it was time for the whore to smell all the sweat from their shoes and socks, the cruel girls shoved her face into the shoes so she could take a deep breath of all the sweat they collected, only to reward her with her sweaty feet so she could lick them clean, and Kira, as always, likes to torment the bitch with smoke from her cigarette when she blows smoke on her face, letting her choke and cough when Dominic lets her inhale it all, Kira, she even she showed more ingenuity and blew smoke into her shoes and allowed the bitch to inhale it as a mixture of smoke and sweat for her bitch, when they laughed and humiliated her..