Dominique (Dominic), Kira & Ariel in Ashtray, Spankings & Dirty Feet For Ariel Kingdom of feet & slaves

With Dominique and Kira, Ariel can never catch a break, poor girl gets used over and over, and the cruel girls are never easy on her. Today they stary with her on her back as Kira jumps on her with her ass, while Dominique is stuffing her dirty feet in her mouth making her suck it deep and gag. As Kira smokes and blows the smoke on her face, she keeps pushing Ariel’s head with her feet so she gags even harder on Dominique’s feet. Then the girls decide its time to punish the bitch, as they put her on the bench and her big ass out as they start taking turns kicking her hard on her ass, as Ariel screams in pain, they don’t care though, as they start spanking her hass hard too. Then its back to licking their dirty feet as Ariel licks so good trying to get on their good side, trying to lick and suck as Kira pushes her head, she doesn’t suck well enough, so Kira gives a very hard slap across her face, followed by a few slaps, as Kira then relaxes and lies down while Dominique makes ariel lick up her legs and pushes Ariel’s head towards Kira’s pussy and makes her please Kira while Kira is smoking and putting the ash with the dirt on the ground, as she turns around and makes Ariel lick her dirty soles clean. Since there is dirt and ash now on the ground, Kira makes Ariel lick it all up and swallow it while she spanks her ass, as Ariel knows floors should always be clean at her owners house.