Divine Goddess Jessica in What Brought You Back

You thought you really got away that last time, huh? You had one last, giant binge and thought you got me out of your system. You think that every time, but here we are. Did you really think that it was clip #100 that would finish you off? You thought you could stop at clip #100. Not #101, not #102. So what reeled you back in this time? Was it my cuckold brags? My super toned body? Some random tweet that triggered you? I think it was these abs, wasn’t it? You like my fit little body. You fall for it every time and it just keeps getting better and better. You can’t possibly think that you are above all the others and capable of breaking this vicious binge/ run and hide/ repeat cycle? When will you come to terms with the fact that an average loser like you is bound to stay addicted to me forever?