Divine Goddess Jessica in Conniving Counsellor

You’re in another session with your beautiful counselor, only this time you’re alone. She tried her best to save your relationship with couple’s counseling but your girlfriend still chose to leave you. Today you just want to forget about her. You want to move on. You immediately agree to her suggestion to try something new and a bit offbeat- subconscious suggestions. They will make this transition easy for you and ease the pain that the end of your relationship has brought you. It helps that she’s so pretty. You would agree to anything she says, you trust her completely. Her voice is soothing. Just being in front of her for a full hour is worth the money alone. Things start to feel strange but you don’t question it. She’s snapping her fingers and barking commands at you but it feels professional and right. You don’t object. Whatever she wants to do with you is fine. Everything is fine. Everything is so much better.