Divine Goddess Jessica – Colleague Sabotage

We are both successful employees who have each gone through a rigorous and lengthy interview process for a significantly higher paying role at a new company. By tomorrow we will find out who secured the position. We’ve gotten along so well our entire careers and the power shift that will take place once one of us moves up and one of us stays put has us both feeling tense. Nonetheless, we drove up to interview together and shared a hotel. It’s the end of the day and we are both chatting about how we think it went. I’m hanging in my robe but you can see an interesting piece of clothing showering through. You ask me about it and I’m delighted to tell you that it’s a very expensive new lingerie set that I was trying on in the bathroom. You’ve always had a thing for me and now that we will be going our separate ways and working at different companies you think it might not be a terrible idea to make your move. The thought of lingerie just beneath my robe is driving you crazy and I notice that you’re starting to get flustered. I laugh and verbalize what we’re both thinking. Of course, you’re interested. I tell you to go for it, if you want to touch yourself then do it. This is your last chance anyway, something about that seems hot. You’re so eager to get some action and you get started right away. I ask you about an incriminating situation at work and you divulge. That’s when I reveal that I’ve been recording you this whole time. Unless you email the new company right now to tell them you are no longer interested in the position you just interviewed for, I will send this to our boss and get you fired and blacklisted from the entire industry. It’s nothing personal, I just want to know with 100% certainty that I got the position. I have some other requests, by the way. and lot’s of time on my hands tonight. This is still a sexy fun time for me though, don’t worry, I’ll reward you for your obedience.