Divine Goddess Jessica – A Mean Little Lashing

This one specifically said “beat me until I literally cry” so throughout the video I kept checking in for tears. In the past he’s always been so laid back, nothing seems to shake him. I made sure he was shaking and yelping by the end. He wasn’t expecting me to pull out a taser. He wasn’t expecting me to pull out something that happens to be an irrational fear of his… and make him eat it. What was he supposed to do about this when he’s all chained up? Just look at how helpless and scared he is and you know me, I’m always laughing. I absolutely delight in his sheer terror, I dance around and egg him on. I go too far, I know, but I can’t help myself. Watch the welts appear, watch the blisters form. I beat him with a wooden paddle he made just for me, I beat him with a whip I stole from him 3 years ago. I look so hot in my new leather dress from Bebe, which he actually paid for via gift card a year before.