Daniela Hansson in K the tricky nurse

…today you start your sexual therapy… your allocated nurse is Daniela, one of the best experts on this subject… sometimes later – finally too late – you will find out, that Daniela is a bit tricky, that means that she wants your money… so first you have to pay the general price for the therapy, and extra a high caution for something else, you don´t care at this point, but which you will get back afterward… only if(!), but only, if you DO NOT ejaculate into her mouth, during the therapy… soon it comes apparent, that the caution will be lost for sure… …she sucks on your hard cock, softly with passion… she sucks out your precum, your cock is pulsating… you still try to restrain the cumshot, also thinking about the probably lost caution… finally you realize, that in Daniela´s hands you are lost and thus the caution is lost… conclusion: always read a contract carefully, before signing