Dacey Harlot in Principal Harlots Pungent Punishment

You’re in big trouble mister! You’ve been sent out of Gym Class and straight to the Principals Office for embarrassing the girls volleyball team for how smelly their shoes are, saying you could smell them across the gym, how rude! Principal Harlot does not allow ANY bullying in her school and is a strong believer in swift, harsh punishments tailored to deter students from ever repeating the negative behaviors on her campus. Principal Harlot orders you to the floor as she explains the Pungent Punishment to come, you will spend the remainder of class trapped under her sweaty, smelly, and dirty feet! You think the volleyball teams feet are bad, HA! They wear socks, Principal Harlot does not. Her feet are so sweaty and smelly from being trapped in these heels all day long while she deals with hooligans like yourself, making her stress sweat as she runs around handing out consequences for disciplinary offenses. You’ll suffer here until it’s time to get back to class, and Principal Harlot is sure you will behave more respectfully going forward, especially after such a brutally pungent punishment.