Clara Domme in Extravagance

This was a custom video: Hello Clara, hope you are well. I’ve been going stir crazy these past few weeks and been craving another clip of yours. I had an idea for a scenario where you are my secretary and I am your boss. Lately you have been catching me staring at your legs and feet around the office, especially when you are wearing sexy stockings. You confront me about this, asking if I have a thing for nylons, legs and feet, which I deny. But you start to subtly tease me while you are questioning me until I can’t take it anymore, and confess it all. You laugh and tell me that from now on, you will be the boss of me, but you will allow me to get on my knees and worship your legs and feet, and buy more sexy nylons for you daily, to which I immediately agree. I hope you like the scenario. As before it doesn’t have to be followed exactly, it’s just a general idea.