Cindy & Amanda, Dominic, DominicToiman in Lesbian gymnastics Kingdom of feet & slaves

Continuing to spend time with the lesbian couple Cindy and Amanda, Dominic invited them to do gymnastics, they liked this idea very much and Amanda started squatting in panties, she squatted sexually and then invited Cindy to try it too, Cindy’s juicy ass looked damn sexy in the frame , excited looking at each other’s asses , the couple decided to caress each other and Cindy started licking Amanda’s sweaty armpits , and then proceeded to lick her legs , she did it very sexy , pulling out all her wet tongue , licking Amanda , Cindy was even more excited . Then Cindy wanted to lick Dominique’s feet , after which Dominique made her an interesting offer , she gave her a whip and offered to spank Amanda , excited Cindy gladly accepted Dominique ‘s offer and began to slap Cindy ‘s ass hard , she got very carried away with it , leaving more and more stripes on her ass , but then she decided to put the whip aside and lick those the place where she was hitting , and Amanda was lying and enjoying her friend ‘s tongue !