Carmela in Carmela’s Sweaty Feet Humiliation Dreamgirls In Socks Clips4Sale

Carmela really enjoys humiliating her slave all the time, but it looks like she especially enjoys doing it at the end of a long day with her pretty feet in her high heel shoes! It was a very long summer day, and she has been walking all day, so she has her slave bow down on his knees to take care of her feet! She starts teasing her slave with her high heel shoes, before she makes him take them off to make him sniff and lick the inside of her shoes! She walked all day, so she really wanted the insides of her shoes to be cleaned properly! Carmela also wants her slave to sniff her smelly feet, so she just makes fun at him and rubs them all over his face! She makes him take some deep breaths in her feet, and makes him lick the sweaty bottom of her soles too! She also takes pleasure in spitting on his face, before making him lick and clean all that dirt, just between each of her toes with his tongue! She seems to totally enjoys making fun of her slave again! What a mean goddess!