Carmela in Carmela’s Netflix Session Dreamgirls in socks

Carmela really enjoys laughing at me all the time and humiliating me with her smelly socks and feet, and it seems like she totally knows how to take advantage of my foot fetish! I told her on several occasions that she could come to my house anytime to relax and watch Netflix, while using my face as a footstool at the same time, so she was totally in the mood to do it again after a long working day in her boots! She loves to relax, while using my face at the same time to rest her sweaty tired feet, so I would never turn down an opportunity to serve this cute little doll! I have to admit she is actually one of my favorite Dreamgirls! Carmela told me what she planned to watch on Netflix, and how many times I should serve as a footstool with her sweaty dirty socks in my face after wearing them for a few days in a row, so I just didn’t no choice but to obey all her instructions as a good slave! She makes me take her boots off, then completely cover my face with her sweaty white socks! They were so hot and the smell of her socks was so intense! I was in paradise! Carmela makes me breathe deeply into her socks, and makes me lick and clean the bottom of her dirty white socks too! She slaps my face too, and spits on my face a few times just to quench her thirst for domination! Carmela also needs to give her feet some fresh air after working all day in her boots, so she makes me take off her socks with my teeth, then she just pushes her dirty socks in my mouth with her toes, just to give them a little wash! She makes breathe deeply into her feet, and makes me lick the sweaty bottom of her bare soles too! Carmela asks for a good foot massage too, and makes me suck on her precious toes too! She must have slapped me and spit in my face several times, just for her own pleasure! It is always a honor as a slave to serve this mysterious little doll! So much fun! The full version of this clip is actually 41 minutes long, and you will find it right on the next page, or just below that version! Hope you enjoy this clip as much as I do!