Blanche in Cheating The Blackmailer Unchained Perversions

Blanche is the gorgeous wife of a rich cinema producer. She is a wannabe actress and she an alive Barbie. Her aspect, her life, all seems to be without any imperfection. Anyway. there are some secrets from the past that are tormenting her. One day a man come in her house to deliver her some fresh milk. He is not the delivery man. when she has gonna pay with cellphone application, he shows her some compromising photos. Now she is in his power. But nothing is what it appears to be. Blanche removes her nightie and. BOOOOM!!!

The man has in front of him the perfection. Blanche has got gorgeous body and magnetic eyes. She walks through the living room and orders him to drop off his pants. Yes. she orders him that. She so beautiful that she could manage the situation, even though the blackmailer is the man. She starts jerking the man’s dick with her hand while she is watching TV. She is annoyed and bored, but from times to times she smiles at him looking straight in his eyes. The man is cheated, fucked, enslaved. His dick is massive and he cannot keep his mind on. He rolls his eyes and gives all his mind to Blanche. When Blanche think it’s enough with the idiot blackmailer, she gets on knees in front of him and keeps doing the handjob looking straight in the man’s eyes. She drops some saliva on dick, then some others blows and he cannot help but cum. Finally Blanche orders fuck off and leave her house!!!

  • Post published:20/10/2022
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