Ava in Indoor Pony Training for Summer Riding Season Brat Princess

Summer is here and its time to get my lazy slave into shape for the riding season. Boys should be dumb, obedient, and strong. A standard male should be able to carry a girl for at least 30 minutes. A trained male can be made to carry a girl for a 2-hour ride. They need to get use to the reigns a bit. I prefer the bit to be large and pulled in tight. A severe bit makes the male easier to control. With a bit, reigns, whip, boots, and strong thighs and girl can completely and safely dominate a male twice or even 3x its size. A girl can safely ride the male for 2 hours in hilly conditions. The best way to train a male is simply ride them as much as you can. In this clip, you see me put a pony through its paces. Even though its too cold for me to be outside I can train my male in the comfort of my own apartment.

  • Post published:15/09/2022
  • Post category:Femdom